Schreiber Gioielli



Schreiber is considered one of the most important and oldest jewelry stores in Milan. The emblem is designed like a jewel, an antique pin with the initials of Manlio Schreiber, who opened the first store in 1947 in San Pietro all’Orto, right in the historic center of the city. Underneath the emblem, a inkpot with a nib and feather that recalls the meaning of the name of the family, in fact Schreiber is “writer” in Austrian. In the middle of the emblem, it is possible to see what it has then become the symbol of the jewels; a daisy. On the top, two burins, typical tools of the goldsmith.


After one year, Schreiber moves to Galleria Manzoni where it soon became a “must go” store for Milanese women, until October 2011 when Federico and Giacomo, nephew and grand nephew of Manlio, decided to move in the close by Borgospesso Street.


Tradition is certainly an important aspect for the family, like Franco did after his father Manilo, and now Federico and Giacomo, the Schreiber family has always given attention to details, exclusivity, quality of the stones and to the creation of unique pieces. All their jewels are made in gold or polish, characterized by precious stones like diamonds, sapphires and rubies.


The family tradition keeps going nowadays with Giacomo and Viola who work alongside their dad Federico, in the creation of new pieces linked to the history of the brand but always looking forward for new inspirations. Giacomo, who has a gemology degree at GIA (the prestigious Gemological Institute of America), has an innate passion for stones and diamonds that he personally researches and chooses in Thailand, Sri Lanka or Antwerp. Viola, after a bachelor of Economics, has worked as a PR in the most important fashion companies in Milan.


All their jewels are made in Milan from and are born from the expert hands of local goldsmiths, who creates unique pieces characterized by the very unique design and, most of all, by the fact that, as Giacomo says, “there is no stone similar to another.”