The name Schreiber has been often associated with a daisy. It was in fact this delicate flower, symbol of simplicity, innocence, spontaneity, graciousness, purity and faithful love, has always inspired many successful collections, from the Seventies until today.

All these aspects can be found in rings, necklaces, pins and bracelets: a daisy that Schreiber dresses with diamonds, sapphires and precious stones, but that has been declined with the technique of the transparent enamel.

The first “artist” was Franco Schreiber, who started drawing the collections basing the design on the game of lights typical of Duomo Cathedral’s stained glass windows.


Following his father’s footsteps, Federico Schreiber kept the family tradition by creating unique pieces created with passion and rigor, as the drawings kept in the family archivetestify.

It is very interesting to go through all these paper sheets, proof of the evolution of the brand and the changing of taste throughout the years, from 1947 until today. All the jewels are kept in a 40s style safe that has been following the Schreiber’s family from store to store.


Schreiber in fact prefers to keep most of the jewels away and show them when needed to clients and estimators, as if a real collector would show pieces of his collection.


- on the background: some original hand drawing, the testimony of the Schreiber's family       manufacturing.

Since 1948